Artist Statement


My artwork falls into two main categories.  In the first category I use issues of class, race, sexuality, and politics as a gateway to more specific topics such as slavery, genocide, and more broadly, deviant political idealogy. Through metaphoric imagery my work serves as commentary on these issues often underscoring the negative impact they have had on our society from both a historical and contemporary perspective. 


My second and central category of work is inspired by the great organic sculptures built by the elements – rain, water, wind, and fire.  It also draws heavily from the natural shapes and forms we see in nature such as the shapes of river rocks worn down by waters gentle persistence, shadows cast by the moon, and the whimsical movement of nature.


I typically work in installation format, charcoal and cut paper with primarily a black and white palette. I use black and white not as a substitute for color but as an abstract way of conveying feeling while leaving space for viewer interpretation.